_MG_0611In this profile you will find extensive information about coach Aad. You will find out what type of clients Aad mainly coaches and what his own specific methods of coaching are. It also describes what others say about Aad and what his background is. You can plan a free orientation meeting with Aad here.

You can contact me with questions about
Job coaching and personal development. I often see that both these areas are involved. Topics are for instance: how to deal with stress in my work; how do I find a new challenge and how do I develop myself to realize these challenges; how can I increase my self-confidence and become more assertive; how can I find the right balance between work and private life; how do I find my strengths and how can I deploy these better.

My way of working
I always start with creating an open and safe setting, in which we can investigate your issues in a personal and confidential way. I will focus on your personal qualities and strengths. By the use of the Inclusive model, we will investigate all relevant aspects related to your question. This can include a/o both ratio and feelings and the environment in which you are positioned. I will challenge you to move outside your comfort zone to find new options and to develop these.

What others say about Aad
Aad is open, understanding and easily accessible. Aad asks questions on a deeper level, gives insights and structure in the sessions. Aad creates calmness, awareness and positive energy, he has a to-the-point approach and is result oriented. There is room for humor and creativity, also in using the different methods and tools, which make them fit the individual client. Sessions with Aad are clarifying and educational, he takes the client to deeper levels of his awareness.

My training & certifications

  • Professional education as coach at the Alba University
  • Certified coach at the NOBCO and the EMCC
  • Master class Coaching – Schouten & Nelissen
  • Training coaching for performance and growth – DDI Development
  • Dimensions International Inc.
  • Training “Onderhandelen en Conflicthantering” (negotiating and conflict management) – Schouten & Nelissen
  • Active as mentor in the cross mentor program of “Opportunity in Bedrijf” to improve the gender diversity and inclusive leadership
  • Active as Confidant at Philips Healthcare Nederland
  • Participating in 2 intervision groups for competence enhancement

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